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French shows productions

Costume designs created for shows (theater, short film, events): creation and customization of outfits using textile embellishment and accessories.

- A feather gown made for "From one bank to another" performance during Ourcq Canal outdoor show, directed by G. Shwoebel, Paris Spring 2003

- The Gilda dress (main character) for "Masculine/Feminine" play directed by Julie Duclos, Paris Fall 2012

- Four costumes made for the annual event "Spring of Poet", directed by G. Shwoebel, Paris Summer 2003

- Three outfits made for the 2004 Poetry Prize, as part of the "Rendezvous in the Gardens" nationwide event, directed by G. Shwoebel, during the reopening of the historic Talcy Castle.

- 5 costumes made for "Variation", performance of the "From one bank to another" theatrical outdoor show, directed by G. Shwoebel, Sept. 2004

- Wedding dress design and hand-made embellishment creation along with the groom and best men’s accessories handmade creation, France, Summer 2005.

- Costumes designs for the short film "Droit au coeur" and its  Making-off, directed by Arnaud Paris, Paris, Summer 2004