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a French embellishment designer

in New york City



Oscar de la Renta

Zac posen

Cartier parfum USA


D&D Groupe

NY Embroidery Studio

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It all started when…

I received two diplomas from the Parisian School of Art, ESAA Duperré:
Art & Craft Design degree with a master in Embroidery,
Fashion Design degree. 
From 2003 to 2014, I worked for various fashion companies in Paris (high-end and retail brands), as well as a multiple costume design projects, giving me a wide range of skills to create on-trend collections to suit client's needs, while learning to work with overseas suppliers (China/India/North Africa). 

Because a passion for embroidery has always been the backbone of my career, I've focused my work on embellishment design operating in foreign countries since 2015. First in London, then in NYC where I've learned how to be an entrepreneur with all the versatility that implies.
I created my LLC to engage in embellishment design and fashion work that includes artwork design, design placement, handmade embroidery, design consulting, meeting clients and following-up with suppliers to support the production of the artwork. 
For the last 2 years, I have strengthened my interpersonal skills as well as developing my expertise in embellishment techniques by being the link between well-known American fashion brands and embellishment suppliers. 

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